Protege / Mentor Program

 Protégé Mentorship Program Goals

Protégé Goals

  • Advance professional career and gain maximum benefit through association participation to enhance abilities to deliver quality blood services.
  • Gain access to association network through association membership, committee participation, and annual meeting attendance.
  • Learn new skills through association participation in submitting PULSE articles, participating in SCABBinars, and submitting an abstract for the annual meeting.
  • Develop leadership skills through exploring association and employer leadership opportunities.

Mentor Goals

  • Hone coaching and leadership skills while helping educate and mold future leaders for the Association.
  • Support Association Mission by providing Protégé’s opportunities through coaching and guidance to enhance their abilities to deliver quality blood services.
  • Provide information and opportunities to Protégé’s to become more active within the Association through committee membership, PULSE articles, SCABBinars, Annual meeting attendance, abstract submissions.
  • Identify and nominate Rising Star Award nominees.
  • Groom strong candidates in support of the Association’s leadership succession plan.
  • Provide opportunities for Protégé’s to increase their network through their Association membership and participation to enhance their personal career goals.

Association Goals

  • Attract new members
  • Increase member retention
  • Increase Annual Meeting attendance
  • Strengthen networking alliance
  • Improve the variety and number of workshops, abstracts, Pulse articles
  • Identify Rising Star Award Nominees
  • Increase committee participation
  • Groom strong candidates in support of leadership succession plan

Protégé Mentor Team Objectives

  • Annual Meeting Orientation and Support
  • Minimum of One Contact Per Quarter
  • Complete One Protégé Project Per Quarter
  • Quarterly Activity Report to Protégé Task Force

Suggested Protégé Projects

  • Article Publication
  • Abstract Publication
  • Workshop Presentation
  • Inservice/ Vendor Presentation
  • Host Journal or Antibody Club
  • Host Case Study
  • Benchmarking Project
  • Committee Membership
  • Present Topic at Association Board Meeting
  • Challenge Resolution
  • CV Enhancement
  • Identify Career Development Opportunities