The Communication Conundrum in Blood Banking

Can you think of a time when a breakdown in communication made your job more challenging?  Could you use a few tips on how to improve communication enhance patient care?  We have a SCABBinar for you! Dr. Joel Kniep will present, “The Communication Conundrum in Blood Banking” on November 10th.

The SCABBinar will touch on transfusion situations that can compromise patient safety due to miscommunication or lack of communication. This communication can involve the patient, the blood center, a member of the healthcare team or any combination of the three. These communication failures will be presented through a series of patient cases. An example would be a disease whose symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment are well known to the healthcare team, but requires special transfusion products. If the healthcare team is unaware of the transfusion aspect of this disease, this diagnosis may not be passed on to the blood bank even though it is found in every progress note in the patient’s medical record. The SCABBinar will conclude with suggestions on how to avoid or minimize these situations through patient/healthcare team education and improved communication.

If there is a particular aspect of communication that you would like to have addressed during the SCABBinar, let us know through this blog post and we will share them with Dr. Kniep.

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  1. Dolores Figueroa says:

    One basic communication tool that gets overlook when referring a sample to another lab is the completion the Reference Lab Request form.
    The information required is critical to manage the sample appropriately.

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