Engage 2019

South Central’s annual meeting will be held in San Antonio May 30 – June 1, 2019. Come join us in this vibrant Texas city! 

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3 Responses

  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio! What a fun city!

  2. germanialavoro says:

    Yes, there is a huge opportunity cost that is getting drained by going Social. That said this is the new telephone. Kids hook up and break up over SMS. Being banned from your buddy”s friends list is death. In comparison we considered it appropriate to hook up or break up over phone and our parents thought it unthinkable. What I think we need to remember while grousing over at the digital punchbowl is to remember that this is yet another channel of communication which may be appropriate to the times we live in. We have to engage in 140 characters. Yes the noise factor has gone up a 100 fold. So relevance has become hyper relevant? It not “how will I engage but “I must engage in 140 because thats all the space they are windowing out of their souls.

  3. Sylvia G DeLeon says:

    I attended the AIMs seminar in San Antonio this month.
    I filled out the guest speaker surveys which were on a folder. We were told we would receive an e-mail with information concerning our Continuing Education credits. I have yet to receive any such information.
    Whom can I contact about this? I did not think it would take this long.

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