2018 SCABB Award Recipients

The Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual or institutional member of the association who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the success of the South Central Association of Blood Banks. Recipients of this award are recognized for a contribution, landmark event, or new endeavor that helps sustain the association or promotes its growth and prosperity.

 Sarah Jones, MT (ASCP)SBB           sarah jones
Sarah Jones shares a passion for South Central that few of us can understand. For those of you who don’t know Sarah, she has served on, or chaired a couple of committees…such as Membership, Awards, Protege/Mentorship, Technical/Scientific, Bylaws, Planning, Administrative, History & Archives, Local Arrangements, PASS, and AIMS. She has held numerous positions on the South Central Board of Directors such as Vice-President, President-Elect, and was our 58th President. She currently serves on the Foundation Board of Trustees, and still participates on AIMS and PASS. There are some (not many) who have served equally within SCABB, but Sarah is different. Sarah is a fighter. She fights for this Association. She fights to make sure the best people are members of South Central. Many of those who are currently serving on a South Central Committee can probably trace their participation back to Sarah…call it “Six Degrees of Sarah Jones”. She fights to keep members engaged. She fights for the best people to be in leadership positions. She fights for sponsorships. She fights for the best speakers. She fights for partnerships and expansions. Her fight is not out of anger, it is out of love for South Central. She has spoken many times about how this person, or that person shaped her life and career. These are people who she met through South Central. When she speaks of her mentors, it is from love and reverence. Sarah epitomizes what South Central can offer, and what South Central can return. Sarah truly is, one of the Cornerstones of the South Central Association of Blood Banks.


Dr. Matthew Gottlieb Rising Star Award

Named in honor of Dr. Matthew Gottlieb, the “Rising Star” Award services to recognize the contributions of an Association member of less than five years that has contributed to the South Central Association of Blood Banks, either by serving on a committee, presenting, or writing an article for the Pulse.

Justin Rhees



Justin Rhees MLS, SBB
University of Utah



Justin has been with SCABB for 4 years.  In that time, he has shown himself to be actively involved in both the industry and the organization.  He has served in many roles within SCABB including district director at large, Membership committee, Pulse committee chair and co-chair. He is known for his membership recruiting efforts and his support of the organization. He is an asset to his field and deserves to be recognized as such.


Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award

The Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award is presented to an individual within the South Central Region who has significantly contributed to the promotion of education with relation to immunohematology.

Katrina Billingsly


Katrina Billingsly MT, SBB
LifeShare Blood Center




Katrina has a passion for education in the blood banking industry.  Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the walls of her own institution where she has presented many continuing education sessions, including regional workshops. She has spoken on and taught about serological and molecular topics locally, regionally, and nationally; she is often sought out for additional invited speaking opportunities in the minutes and days following her presentations.


President’s Award of Merit

The President’s Award of Merit consists of two awards; one for Outstanding Individual and the other for Outstanding Contribution for either the promotion of blood banking, public understanding or commitment to blood banking.

Outstanding Contributions: This award is presented to a group or financial contributor to the blood banking profession, which has shown spectacular long-or short-term results.


Connally High


Outstanding Contributions Connally High School – Austin, Texas – Pflugerville ISD.  Anyone who has been in the blood industry longer than 10 minutes knows that high school blood drives are difficult, require an incredible number of resources and can make or break collection goals depending on how well the drive is run. When a high school can set the standard for how a near perfect experience should be for donors and blood drive team members, they should be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the community. We Are Blood is extremely proud to nominate John B. Connally High School (Pflugerville I.S.D) from Austin, Texas for the South Central Association of Blood Banks for Outstanding Contributions award. Connally High School created a culture which embraces the belief that being a blood donor is an honor that all students should have the opportunity to experience. HOSA Instructor, Johnna Rister, is officially the drive coordinator, however she is the first person to recognize that the HOSA students are the true magic that makes the drive run so smoothly.  Johnna also compliments her fellow Connally High School teachers for their willingness to allow the HOSA students to present information about blood donation during class and to allow students the opportunity to sign up in at the beginning of class. In addition to the students and teachers, Johnna is thankful that the school administrators support the blood drive through providing the resources and space needed for We Are Blood to have a successful blood drive. The students have adopted a mindset that donating blood at Connally High School is a rite of passage that is passed on from older students and embraced by younger students. This is demonstrated when experienced students can be overheard sharing words of encouragement with newer students prior to their donation. When a school administrator or teacher presents to donate they can be counted on to ask students about their donation and if they are going to sign up for the next blood drive. Connally High School’s leadership advocating the importance of being a blood donor to the students, further encourages the students to continue donating when they graduate. This small gesture may potentially increase the likelihood of retaining these young adults for future blood donation. We Are Blood is grateful for the 2 – 3 blood drives Connally High School hosts each semester. Since November 2011, Connally High School students, teachers, and administrators have donated 1,539 units of blood to central Texas area hospitals. Seeing the love for blood donation that is shared between everyone at John B. Connally High School is a reward in itself. John B. Connally High School has created a culture that should be commended and We Are Blood is honored to be associated with their phenomenal success.


Outstanding Individual: This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the blood resources of a blood collection facility, either by coordinating blood drives, donating large quantities of blood, or recruiting large numbers of blood donors over a long period of time.

Carl Barr


Outstanding Individual: Carl Barr


“Dudes, donate!” That’s what Carl would likely be saying right now. But Carl became an angel on December 30, 2008 after a long fight against Leukemia. Thirteen-year-old Carl Barre was and is a champion for encouraging others to give blood and blood components; helping to collect more than 1000 units of blood from friends and family, as well as countless additional donations from the media interest this drive creates since Carl was diagnosed in April of 2007. That’s why The Blood Center is nominating Carl Barre for the President’s Award of Merit-Outstanding Individual. Carl regularly urged others to roll up their sleeves and was an ambassador for The Blood Center. When he lost his fight with cancer, his parents, Jackie and Greg, continued Carl’s role as a strong proponent of blood donations by creating the Carl Barre Memorial Blood Drive. Now in its 8th year, the blood drive happens every December 30 when blood donations are typically low. Billy Weales, President of The Blood Center, said “The Barre’s have been huge proponents of our mission and their support has helped carry us through many difficult holiday seasons.” With the help of WDSU reporter Heath Allen, who built a powerful bond with Carl after their first meeting 10 years ago, the event continues to educate donors and potential donors about the importance of donating blood regularly. The NBC affiliate continues to run several stories in the days leading in to the Dec. 30 event encouraging others to give.


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