2017 SCABB Award Recipients

The Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual or institutional member of the association who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the success of the South Central Association of Blood Banks. Recipients of this award are recognized for a contribution, landmark event, or new endeavor that helps sustain the association or promotes its growth and prosperity.



The entire Biobridge Global organization has been an extraordinary support of South Central Association of Blood Banks for over 20 years.  This organization, based in San Antonio, TX holds not one but two South Central institutional memberships as South Texas Blood and Tissue Center and Qualtex Testing Laboratories.  Biobridge Global has consistently supported Annual Meetings by twice hosting the Annual Meeting in San Antonio, sending several attendees and exhibiting each year, and sponsoring the brand new ENGAGE event as the premiere association networking event.  Biobridge Global has supported and encouraged employees to join and further, to become involved in association leadership. 


Dr. Matthew Gottlieb Rising Star Award

Named in honor of Dr. Matthew Gottlieb, the “Rising Star” Award services to recognize the contributions of an Association member of less than five years that has contributed to the South Central Association of Blood Banks, either by serving on a committee, presenting, or writing an article for the Pulse.

Randi McKissick



Randi McKissick, (ASCP)BB
VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System


Randi McKissick received her Bachelor’s degree in Health Promotion and Education in 2013 followed by a BB(ASCP) certification in 2014 the same year she joined South Central. Randi immediately joined the Publications Committee (2015) and applied for the Protégé/Mentor program for the 2016-17 program year. Randi bides her time between working in transfusion medicine in both Nevada and Utah where she has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience as a blood banker. In 2015 Randi received the Harry Hill Academic Award of Achievement for educational advancement through obtaining her academic degree and certification career goals the first categorical certification in blood banking for the organization. Randi has participated in developing protocols and working with AABB to help an employer hospital blood bank obtain AABB accreditation during 2016.

Randi has been an enthusiastic protégé and has met all of the requirements and expectations of participation in the program which has included her profile article for PULSE, committee membership, quarterly reports, setting developmental goals, developing an oral abstract (as I write this nomination), and meeting on a regular basis with her Mentor. Randi has a passion for transfusion medicine and looks forward to further growth and participation with South Central.

Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award

The Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award is presented to an individual within the South Central Region who has significantly contributed to the promotion of education with relation to immunohematology.

Nancy Benitez


Nancy Benitez, MS, ASCP(SBB)
OneBlood, Inc.


Nancy has been in the industry for over two decades and has trained hundreds of med techs over those years.  Nancy has assisted SCABB on the AIMS committee and the Last Chance Review programs.  She has also been a Grifols training consultant.  Within OneBlood she is a superstar in the area of immunohematology training within the organization and for numerous hospital customers.  She is very knowledgeable in her field and highly regarded nationally and internationally.


President’s Award of Merit

The President’s Award of Merit consists of two awards; one for Outstanding Individual and the other for Outstanding Contribution for either the promotion of blood banking, public understanding or commitment to blood banking.

Outstanding Individual: This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the blood resources of a blood collection facility, either by coordinating blood drives, donating large quantities of blood, or recruiting large numbers of blood donors over a long period of time.


Westlake Chemical


Westlake Chemical Corporation (formerly Axial) in Lake Charles, LA began conducting blood drives with LifeShare Blood Centers in February of 2010.  They began by having a two-day blood drive at different locations inside of the plant.  Since the first blood drive, their program has shown huge growth.  The growth of their program over the last six years can be largely attributed to the blood drive coordinator and drive committee that was formed.

In 2010, Westlake conducted 3 two-day blood drives yielding 137 blood products.  In 2011, they conducted 4 two-day blood drives yielding 140 products.  Dennis Tooke became the blood drive chairman in 2012 and began to put together a blood drive committee.  Dennis is very passionate in his role as blood drive chairman and today has over 15 members in this committee.  They have worked hard to increase the drive numbers over the years and educate others on the importance of blood donation. 

Although not the biggest plant, they have become the top performing plant in the Lake Charles area.  Over the past seven year their employees have donated a total of 2,129 blood products.  With the leadership of Dennis and the blood drive committee, Westlake has continued to increase collections every year. Their employees continue to share the importance of donating blood and are focused on increasing their number of donations. 

Outstanding Contributions: This award is presented to a group or financial contributor to the blood banking profession, which has shown spectacular long-or short-term results.


Henry Ramos


Henry Ramos
Broadmoor United Methodist Church

On August 21, 2016 Henry Ramos, Blood Drive Chairman for the Broadmoor United Methodist Church (BUMC) conducted his 89th blood drive with Our Lady of the Lake Blood Donor Center.  On November 20, 2016 Henry celebrated his 89th birthday.  

An adequate blood supply is a precious community resource.  Henry gets that.  In 1993 Henry took over responsibility for blood drives at BUMC.  Since 1993 we can count the following contributions;

Number of Blood Drives Conducted = 89 ; Number of Blood Donations = 4,567; Number of Patients Transfused with BUMC Donations = >8,000.

He is tireless and innovative in his recruitment efforts.  His funny hats on Blood Drive day always brings lots of laughs.   His suave Cha-Cha dance moves bring down the house.  He always treats the Lake blood drive team with courtesy and respect.   Above all he is a humble and compassionate man.  

Weekend blood drives are a vital component to our overall volunteer blood donor draw. 

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