2016 SCABB Award Recipients

The Cornerstone Award

The Cornerstone Award is presented to an individual or institutional member of the association who has contributed in an extraordinary way to the success of the South Central Association of Blood Banks. Recipients of this award are recognized for a contribution, landmark event, or new endeavor that helps sustain the association or promotes its growth and prosperity.



Morris Dixon, 2016 Cornerstone Award Winner
Nominated by: Nancy Haubert, Creative Testing Solutions

Morris has been a member of SCABB since 1977, during which he presented numerous lectures for annual and regional meetings and served as Chair of the Local Arrangements Committees for three cities, Albuquerque, Denver and Dallas! Morris also served as committee member or chair on Nominating, Bylaws, Membership, Finance, Fundraising, Administrative Program and Technical Program committees.

He served as District Director while in New Mexico from 1987-1990 and served on the Board of Directors as Secretary from 1991-1992. Morris also received the Larry L. Trow Memorial Education Award in 1994 and the Administrative Lecture Award in 2005.


Dr. Matthew Gottlieb Rising Star Award

Named in honor of Dr. Matthew Gottlieb, the “Rising Star” Award services to recognize the contributions of an Association member of less than five years that has contributed to the South Central Association of Blood Banks, either by serving on a committee, presenting, or writing an article for the Pulse.



Peggy Barlow-Flug, 2016 Rising Star Award Winner
Nominated by: Kirk Kitchen, American Red Cross

Peggy, Director of Donor Services for Oklahoma Blood Institute, has been a member since Sept, 2012, and has been a protégé in the Protégé/Mentor Program through South Central during the past year. Peggy has been an enthusiastic Protégé and has met all of the requirements and expectations of participation in the program which has included her profile article for PULSE, committee membership, setting developmental goals, developing an oral abstract, and meeting on a regular basis with her Mentor. Peggy joined the Donor Recruitment and Collections Committee and has participated in finalizing committee topic and speaker selections for the 2016 annual meeting. Peggy demonstrates many strengths as both a presenter and leader by having presented two in-services and leading several benchmarking projects to improve collections and the donor’s experience. As I write this nomination Peggy is finishing up her abstract: “The Challenges and Triumphs of Automating Phlebotomy”, for the 2016 annual meeting.


Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award

The Larry L. Trow Memorial Educational Award is presented to an individual within the South Central Region who has significantly contributed to the promotion of education with relation to immunohematology.

Photo 2015 Sutor


Laurie Sutor, MD, MBA, 2016 Larry Trow Award Winner
Nominated by: Getta Paranjape, MD, Carter BloodCare

Dr. Sutor is a board certified pathologist and blood banker. She has been involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows and junior faculty throughout her career. She has been a great mentor to me as well as many others. Dr. Sutor has been a member of SCABB since 1989. Through the SCABB mentor/protégé program she has helped young physicians. She was instrumental in designing the rotation and course objectives for blood bank fellow/resident blood center rotations, in fact she played a key role in having the management pathology residents learn it at the blood center. She is a born teacher and teaches well whether it is a formal classroom lecture or a one on one meeting in an informal setting. She was a long time faculty member of the UT Blood Bank technology program and developed SBB teaching models for the online program. She provides numerous in-services to many hospitals for both physicians and nurses. She has been involved in planning educational programs for ABC, aabb, and AATB. In addition to the UT Southwestern Medical Center, where she is a professor in Pathology she is involved in many national organizations such as aabb, ABC, ASFA, SCABB and many more as part of different committees. Dr. Sutor has been an invited speaker at SCABB and numerous local hospitals and meetings. Dr. Sutor is passionate about teaching; whatever the level of the learner. She loves teaching blood banking and that love comes through. She has inspired many to pursue a career in blood banking.


President’s Award of Merit

The President’s Award of Merit consists of two awards; one for Outstanding Individual and the other for Outstanding Contribution for either the promotion of blood banking, public understanding or commitment to blood banking.

Outstanding Individual: This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the blood resources of a blood collection facility, either by coordinating blood drives, donating large quantities of blood, or recruiting large numbers of blood donors over a long period of time.



Robert & Janet Leslie, 2016 President’s Award of Merit Winner – Outstanding Individual
Nominated by: David Gremillion, MT, SBB, MHA, HP, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center

Janet and Bob Leslie lost their daughter Jennifer to chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) in 1986. They did everything they could humanly do to save her. The death of a child is always devastating for parents. The grieving process can consume a relationship. Paralyze some to the point that moving on is impossible. For Janet and Bob, their profound loss proved to be the impetus that compelled them to touch the lives of thousands of needy people.

Ladies first – so we’ll start with Janet. During Jennifer battle with CML, Janet and Bob became the ultimate apheresis platelet donor tag team, donating every three days to assure Jennifer had compatible platelets. She would still be donating platelets if not for the TRALI dragnet. Janet also worked as a volunteer for the fledgling Louisiana Bone Marrow Registry. Janet and her 9 year old daughter, Lisa, were the first donors screened by the Registry.

Now Bob is the epitome of blood donation, recruitment and fund raising passion. Hard to tell this man no. He chairs blood drives at two Catholic Churches. Since 2010 twenty six blood drives have produced almost 1,400 donations. He walks the talk by regularly donating platelets. Between he and Janet, they have donated 37 units of whole blood and 97 units of platelets.

In 2002 Bob and Janet created the JL Foundation to financially assist families with children with cancer. Since inception, the JL Foundation has raised and distributed more than $1.3 million to help more than 500 families.

Thank you Bob and Janet for touching the lives of thousands of the neediest with your selfless work, generosity and devotion. You are truly deserving of the 2016 SCABB Presidential Award of Merit –Outstanding Individual.

Outstanding Contributions: This award is presented to a group or financial contributor to the blood banking profession, which has shown spectacular long-or short-term results.




Wawa (Charlene Marko-Heim) of Orlando, Florida, 2016 President’s Award of Merit Winner – Outstanding Contributions
Nominated by: Ashley Herman, OneBlood, Inc.

Wawa and OneBlood’s partnership started in 2012 when Wawa first opened their doors in the Central Florida area. The team at Wawa was well-versed in blood drives from their stores in the mid-Atlantic region and was excited to start the same culture with their Florida team.

The blood drives began with 6 stores running twice a year, collecting 307 procedures in 2012. In 2013, 23 stores ran blood drives, 3 times a year, collecting 1571 procedures. In 2014 Wawa expanded into the Tampa Bay area and the number of stores increased to 43; collecting 4174 procedures. By the end 2015, 66 stores were running blood drives in the state, 3 times per year, collecting 3609 procedures.

Wawa is a committed community partner with OneBlood. At every blood drive, Wawa provides the following:

– Raffle ticket to all presenting donors for a chance to win a Wawa gift basket
– Wawa gift basket; number of baskets raffled is dependent on the goal of the blood drive
– One coupon of choice to all presenting donors
o Shorti (Wawa Sandwich)
o Iced Tea
o Fruit Juice or
o Donut
– Goose Bumps for all presenting Wawa Associates (points to Wawa’s online employee store where employees can receive Wawa branded items)
– “Lunch on Us” for all blood provider staff members; they receive the free Shorti and 16 oz. iced tea coupon for lunch

As Wawa grows, the relationship with OneBlood and impact on the community grows as well. For the first set of three drives in 2016, 81 stores will be running blood drives.

OneBlood is thankful for the relationship with Wawa and the culture Wawa brings to the community at large.

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