SCABB Testimonials

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend both the Fall Symposium and the “Financials” Leadership Track via webinar. It truly is wonderful to have such excellent educational sessions available from SCABB!!”

Geralyn Meny, MD, MS


What I like most about being a member of the association are the friendships I have developed with people in every possible branch of transfusion medicine: from donor recruiters to managers, bench technologists, educators, research scientists, medical directors, and SBB students. This is a wonderful resource for someone just starting their career—to find these mentors and to be able to ask questions. When I attend the meetings, I feel assured that someone, somewhere in the room has an answer to my question—whether it’s a technical question or a challenging situation encountered at work. SCABB members are so welcoming and generous with their expertise. It’s a wonderful, nurturing environment to learn in.”

Justin Rhees
Program Director
University of Utah



“I’m a first time physician attendee, and I was extremely pleased with the camaraderie and support that happens through SCABB. It was an excellent venue for contacts for my next position and for lifelong development in my field. People were relaxed and friendly. I’ve had trouble getting career support through AABB, but SCABB paired me with my physician mentor, Dr. Land, which I very much appreciate. Thank you.”

Steffini Stalos



“I want to tell you that I really enjoyed the SCABB meeting. Everything went very good and I learned a lot. I even added the SCABB into my Facebook.  Thanks for all your help.”

Leopoldo S. Cobos
Blood Bank Supervisor
CHRISTUS Santa Rosa City Centre



“SCABB has helped me find my strengths and gifts through the eyes of other professionals.  This has helped me grow and become more confident both personally and professionally.”

Diana Lechuga,BB(ASCP)



“For me, the greatest benefit of being a SCABB member for the last 18 years has been the opportunity to meet and form friendships with such a dedicated group of professionals who are also a whole lot of fun!”

Mary Jo Drew, MD



“I have enjoyed becoming visible in the blood banking industry and networked with people across the US.  I have met new people and have learned how others cope with this ever changing world.

Exposure to the committees is of real value. This gave me an opportunity to actually observe how the BOD operate and communicate among themselves as well as the Foundation and Committee Directors. I also had an opportunity to participate in a BOD interim meeting and was exposed to the rules of conduct.

Being a member co-chair has enhanced my meeting facilitation skills. ”

Pam Ostboe



“Networking among my blood banking colleagues has definitely been the major benefit for me of SCABB membership and attendance at meetings.  SCABB gives you a smaller forum than national meetings to get to know your counterparts in other institutions in your geographic area.  A second benefit for all is that it is easier to get involved in committees or leadership roles than our national organization and can be a stepping stone for gaining good experience.”

Laurie J Sutor, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer
Carter BloodCare



“I joined SCABB in the late 50’s shortly after becoming a medical technology student in Abilene; it was required of all students considering blood banking as their specialty and with the exception of the time I was on active duty in the U.S. Army in the early 60’s, have been a member ever since. SCABB offers a multitude of benefits to it’s members; long & strong history of success, dynamic educational opportunities, effective networking with colleagues, constant source of finding new technology from vendors, strong reputation, economical services to members, easy to find help when you need it and worthy of our support. To call ones self a ‘professional’, includes supporting your professional associations like SCABB. I believe you will always get more than your money’s worth and some of your best memories will come from your association with your SCABB colleagues.”

Bill T. Teague, BS, MT(ASCP)SBB
Life Member, SCABB; President 1979-80



“When I relocated to Galveston in 1979, I knew very few blood bankers in the area.  Dr. Ethel Patten encouraged me to join SCABB where I met a group of young professionals eager to contribute to the field.  As chairman of the Education and Teleconference Committees, I met blood bankers from all over our region.  Sometimes, I felt that I learned as much from them as they did from me.  The SCABB experience allowed me to develop my leadership skills and become involved at the national level, i.e. AABB.  Although I no longer see many of these early SCABB friends, the experiences we shared and the friendships that developed in those formative years of my career will never be forgotten.”

Joann M. Moulds PhD, MT(ASCP)SBB