John Moulds Memorial Lectureship

The John Moulds Memorial Lectureship was established in John’s memory in October of 2011 by John’s employer, LifeShare Blood Centers, in partnership with South Central Association of Blood Banks (SCABB) and Quotient Biodiagnostics.  The first lectureship was awarded at the 2012 Advanced Immunohematology and Molecular Symposium in Austin, Texas.

Previous Lecturers

  • 2012 Lecturer:
    Dr. George Garratty, PhD, FRCPath
    American Red Cross Blood Services
  • 2013 Lecturer:
    Marion Reid, PhD, DSc(Hon.)
    New York Blood Center
  • 2014 Lecturer:
    W. John Judd, FIBMS, MIBiol
    Emeritus Professor, University of Michigan
  • 2016 Lecturer:
    Christine Lomas-Francis, MSc, FIBMS
  • 2018 Lecturer:
    Geoff Daniels, MS, MLS(ASCP)
  • 2019 Lecturer:
    Sandra Nance, MS, MT(ASCP)SBB

John’s career as an immunohematology reference lab specialist began with an interest in high and low incidence blood group antigens.  He also had a unique ability to recognize and adapt techniques for use by the serologist in investigation of simple and complex problems.  His leadership and participation in various organizations showed his willingness to share his knowledge.  Some of these included Invitational Conference of Investigative Immunohematologists (ICII), ASCP, AABB, ISBT, and SCABB.  He formed the Serum, Cell and Rare Fluid (SCARF) international exchange in 1972 and served as its director for almost 40 yrs.

John received many honors and awards the first being the L. Jean Stubbins Award from SCABB in 1979.  He was the SCABB Scientific Award Lecturer in 2007 and received the Larry L. Trow Memorial Education Award in 2011.  He provided guidance and mentorship to over 1000 participants in the Gamma tutorial program and numerous SBB students.  John felt especially honored when he was awarded the Ivor Dunsford Memorial Award in 1983 from the AABB.

The recipient of the John Moulds Memorial Lectureship is selected by the AIMS Program Committee who will recommend a prominent expert in the field of immunohematology to the SCABB Board for approval.  The lectureship will focus on issues relating to immunohematology and reference laboratories.  Lecture subject matter may include, but is not limited to blood group serology or biochemistry, molecular basis of blood group polymorphisms, special reagents or techniques, transfusion practices or autoimmune hemolytic anemia.

John was a passionate Immunohematologist who was best known for establishing the international Serum, Cell and Rare Fluid Exchange (SCARF).  He was the consummate teacher always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who asked.  John was the Director of the John J. Moulds Scientific Support Services at LifeShare Blood Centers when he lost his almost 3 year battle with pancreatic cancer.