Competency Assessments

The recent “Personnel Competency Assessment” guidelines published by CMS have caused many labs and blood banks to questions their competency practices. The guidelines are pretty detailed but questions still abound.

How does your lab meet the assessment criteria? Are these practices already in place or will institutional changes need to be made?…/CLIA/…/CLIA_CompBrochure_508.pdf

Katrina Billingsley
2013-2014 Advanced Immunohematology & Molecular Symposium (AIMS) Chair

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  1. Sandy Wortman says:

    We were meeting these criterias for some tests but not for all and we were not documenting all 6 CLIA requirements so we ahve had to do some major institutaional changes in order to be in compliance with all 6 CLIA guidelines throughout the whole donor center and IRL lab.

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